About Us


Since incorporation in 1978, Gallagher Studies has provided public and private sector real estate advisory and valuation services throughout Canada.


Our professionals are governed by the high standards of Canadian, professional real estate advisory practice, as administered by the Appraisal Institute of Canada (AIC).


Our reserve fund planners and valuation consultants are AACI-designated professionals - a designation specifically identified in Saskatchewan’s Condominium Act as individuals qualified to conduct reserve fund studies in the province.


Currently, to acquire the AACI designation, an individual must obtain an undergraduate degree, complete fourteen university-level real estate courses developed by and taken through the University of British Columbia, develop a guided commercial case study, work for two years in the Applied Experience Program, and complete a written examination and oral interview. Individuals must also complete AIC's Professional Practice Seminar.  Candidates often need from eight to ten years of full-time pursuit to achieve the AACI designation.

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