Preparing condominium reserve fund studies and replacement cost appraisals aren't our hobbies or services we offer on the side; they are our full-time pursuit.

Modern apartment condominium building
Service 1. Reserve Fund Studies


While reserve fund studies are technical and involve complicated mathematics, we present our studies so that our clients need not be scientists to follow along.


We prepare reserve fund studies that meet the regulations of Saskatchewan’s Condominium Property Act, 1993 and the Condominium Property Regulations, 2001. To meet the Regulations, our reserve fund planners carry professional liability insurance with a policy amount that exceeds (by double) the legislated amount of $1,000,000.

Well maintained townhouse / rowhouse condominiums
Service 2. Replacement Cost Appraisals


We can assist condominium corporations in meeting the insurance needs of your condominium development.  Saskatchewan’s Condominium Property Act requires condominium corporations to carry insurance coverage for common property, common facilities, common service components, and where applicable, individual units.


When combined with our reserve fund study service, we provide replacement cost appraisals at considerable cost savings to our clients.